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June 8, 2010

Russian's NKL-26 Aerosan (Full resin kit)

The NKL-26 was an armoured aerosan introduced by the Soviet Union during the WW2, based on the earlier NKL-6 (OSGA-6). It was made of plywood and had a ten-millimetre armour palte on the front only, and was armed with a 7.62mm DT machine gun in a ring mount. It was powered by an M11-G aircraft engine. Each NKL-26 was operated by two crewmen. NKL-26s were organized into battalions of 30 NKL-16s with a transport company of NKL-16s - each with three companies of 10. Each company was organized as three platoons of three vehicles, and a commanders vehicle. Combat Aerosans often worked with ski infantry battalions, and could carry four ski troops riding outside the vehicle on its skis or towed behind.

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